Why political borders are not like private property lines

Some people want to “lock down” our national border for the same reason we lock our doors at night. The metaphor doesn’t work. You own your home. You don’t own the nation. The politicians don’t own it either. So a border is not a door, or a wall, or even a fence. It serves no protective function. Quite the opposite. …

Not Utopia

Is a libertarian society Utopian?

A society based on the Zero Aggression Principle won’t be perfect. But it will be better than the statist system we have now. There will still be crime. But crime will be slashed, because the largest criminal gang, The State, will be replaced with legitimate governments. There will still be external threats. But these threats will shrink, because The State will …

Statist Isolationism

Does the common definition of isolationism make sense?

Libertarians commonly use these words… Interventionist: People who use military violence to intervene in foreign countries. Non-interventionist: People who refrain from using military violence to meddle with others. Statists routinely describe non-interventionists as isolationists. This strongly suggests that statists view military violence as a form of relationship. How odd. In reality… War is the absence of relationship! Even if we …

Transforming the State

Can The State become a legitimate government?

When The State rejects initiated force it will cease to be a criminal gang. It will cease to be a State. It will transform into a legitimate government — a consumer controlled non-state form of governance that will have to compete with all other forms. This will instantly improve performance. But the greatest benefit will be moral . . . You will cease to …


Can a voluntaryist be a gradualist?

The “Fabian” approach is gradualist persistence. You have a long-range goal, and you relentlessly plow forward with reformist steps. The term comes from the socialist Fabian Society whose logo was the tortoise. They drew their name from a Roman general, Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus. He was surnamed Cunctator which means “delayer.” He devised battle tactics that today we’d call “guerilla …

Sufficient Funding

Will consumers fund sufficient governance?

The Zero Aggression Principle requires an end to violence-based funding for government. All funding must be provided voluntarily. But that raises a question in many minds… Can voluntary funding provide sufficient resources for government services? We understand why people ask this question, but we think the question is backwards! The amount of government needed should be defined by what consumers are willing to …

Pillar Strategy

Why should you tackle the five hardest issues first?

What if there was a persuasion strategy that toppled all statist “exceptions” to voluntaryism? Ultimately, most objections to the Zero Aggression Principle revolve around the notion that it’s an “unrealistic” or unattainable goal. To illustrate that point, people make specific policy exceptions. It’s these exceptions which keep them from becoming voluntaryists. These exceptions can cover a wide variety of issues. …

Consumer-Controlled Governments

What is the alternative to The State?

The State should be replaced by consumer-controlled governance. Consumer-controlled governance will begin when violence-based funding ends. You will set your own budget for governance and choose your own providers of governmental services. We will create a culture of choice. Choices like these . . . Habitat for Humanity vs. HUD Underwriters Laboratories or NSF International vs. OSHA and the FDA A personal …


When should statists oppose greater government powers?

In the haste to win today’s political battle, people forget about the future. Don’t make that mistake. Instead, remember that… The power you give a politician you love today, to do something you want, is a power that will be used tomorrow by a politician you loathe, to do things you’ll hate. – Jim Babka Have empathy for your future …

Violence-based Funding

Is taxation impractical?

Kings called it tribute rather than theft. Politicians prefer the word tax. But all these words describe a violence-based funding system…pay or suffer violence. This system is both immoral and impractical. The immorality is obvious. Any other person or institution that tried to fund itself using violence would be imprisoned. But we’re told that practical considerations require us to accept …