Key Concept: Statists engage in charity robbing.

Would you give more money to charity if you were taxed less? If so, then the statists are robbing your charities to fund their favored cause — The State!
Statists prefer aid programs that are paid for with violence-based funding (taxation). This robs your charities. The money grabbed from you cannot be used to support the voluntary sector causes you love.
For instance… Would you rather fund the Department of Housing and Urban Charity robbing harms groups like Habitat for HumanityDevelopment (HUD), or Habitat for Humanity, or some other cause entirely? Statists deny you that choice. Worse…
The statist approach concentrates resources behind a single system of aid. This strangles innovation. Society loses the improvements we would normally gain from having competition between multiple strategies and institutions.  Thus…
The statist approach is both greedy and harmful.
To stop “charity robbing,” you must embrace the Zero Aggression Principle

Don’t threaten or initiate force, personally or politically.

Violence-based funding (taxation) must be replaced by voluntary funding. This one simple change would make state agencies compete with other charitable institutions. Things work better with competition. Help make this happen. Subscribe…

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka


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