Are you being manipulated by a statist machine?

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Agenda Setting Theory suggests…

Virtually the only issues people are passionate enough to follow or discuss are chosen by the partisan, mainstream media. In fact…

  • The degree of public interest in an issue is proportional to the coverage it receives
  • The importance of an issue simply doesn’t matter when compared to the level and type of coverage it enjoys

Thus, a debate in Congress may deeply impact you and your friends. Instead, you’re both watching and debating the trivial issue the media chose for you.

In addition, when the media engages in Agenda Setting, the range of debate narrows — usually to just two partisan sides. That signals the public that outside ideas aren’t worth considering.

Agenda Setting controls both what people think and how they think about it.

Agenda Setting is…

  1. Manipulative. It leads people around by the nose.
  2. Bad for the post-statist cause. The dominant partisan factions divide and conquer the news cycle. Both sides are statist, so libertarian ideas are excluded.

But there is a cure! Manipulation doesn’t work well once people become aware of it, so…

By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

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