What thing do we most need to create a libertarian society?

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There are many possible strategies for creating a libertarian society – elections, civil disobedience, lobbying, etc. All require one thing for success…

More libertarians

An old proverb observes that “God is usually on the side of the bigger battalions.” History confirms this.

  • Small armies can win battles but they rarely win wars
  • Civil disobedience tends to work best when large numbers participate
  • Protests accomplish more when everyone takes to the streets
  • Elections are won by pluralities and majorities
  • Big lobbying organizations usually get better results than small ones

There are many examples from history where minorities triumph through clever tactics, but even clever tactics work better with superior numbers. It’s a simple fact, our chances for success will grow as our numbers grow. So…

The most useful libertarian actions will be those that discover, recruit, and mobilize more libertarians. Make that your focus and success will follow.

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

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