Can you be pro-government but anti-state?

Pro-Government and Anti-State

To be pro-government you MUST be anti-state.

It’s time to drive home the points made in our previous Mental Levers…

This is the official stance of the Zero Aggression Project…

We are pro-government and anti-state.

If you want to promote a society based on empathy and Zero Aggression by being pro-government and anti-state, take these actions…

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Jim Babka

About the Author

Jim Babka

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Jim Babka is co-founder of the Zero Aggression Project and President of, Inc. He’s an author and former talk show host.
Previously, he was the President of, Inc., defending free press rights all the way to the Supreme Court. He and Susie are the proud, home-schooling parents of three teenagers. He enjoys theology, UFC, target practice, and Tai Chi.

Perry Willis

About the Author

Perry Willis

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Perry Willis is the co-founder of the Zero Aggression Project and Downsize DC. He was the National Director of the Libertarian National Committee on two occasions, and ran two Libertarian Party presidential campaigns. He has an extensive background in marketing and fundraising, and has ghost written direct mail appeals for numerous luminaries, including Karl Hess, Ron Paul, Charlton Heston and Harry Browne.

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  1. There is no difference between ‘government’ and ‘state’; it’s all the same machine with various sized gears working to keep our freedoms to a minimum. From federal to municipal, the regulation of absolutely every aspect of our lives is only possible with the underlying threat of force.

    1. Post

      I think legitimate government only uses violence defensively. The State uses violence aggressively. That’s a HUGE difference in my book.

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