Voluntaryism is not an ideology; that is, it’s not a political agenda. It’s a critique of political action as a method for solving any social problem.
An ideology is a political plan for the betterment of society. Do you…

  • think politicians can create productive jobs?
  • believe politicians can protect traditional values?
  • endorse the notion that laws teach morality?
  • assume that laws and regulations make people safer?

If you hold to any of these perspectives, then you have an ideology. You are an ideologue.
Ideologies are VERY popular. Most people believe in political solutions. They favor a policy and choose a partisan side. By comparison…
The voluntaryist has no grand plan for how society should be “managed.” Your voluntaryist friend has no design for how you must live your life. Thus…

Voluntaryism is NOT an ideological position.

Ideologues have a plan for the lives of others; voluntaryists believe you should live your life by your values. Therefore, voluntaryism is not merely just another ideology.

By Jim Babka & Perry Willis


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