Should zero aggression always be your starting point?

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We don’t go around clubbing people on the head

When you’re trying to solve problems in your personal life, which do you do first, look for a violent solution or a peaceful one? Most people forgo the violent approach…

Except when it comes to politics. Then, they’re desperate to find excuses for State aggression. They want a “law” that will impose their personal preferences on other people. The reverse should be true.

You should be zealous to find ways to solve problems without aggression. Don’t look for excuses to use aggression. Look constantly for ways to forego it. Let your every instinct that “there ought to be a law” serve as a warning that you have probably skipped a step. Did you really exhaust all of the non-violent possibilities first?

Take it one step further. If you’re absolutely convinced that state aggression is necessary, be zealous to limit that aggression as much as possible.

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

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