Looking forward to consumer-controlled governance.
Post-statists advocate a forward-looking approach, where history has discarded The State in favor of consumer-controlled governance.
Post-statists are voluntaryists. On both moral and pragmatic grounds, voluntaryists believe there should be no exceptions to the Zero Aggression Principle and the Equal Liberty Rule. All relationships should be voluntarily chosen and mutually maintained.
On this basis, post-statists make a specific recommendation about any and all governments: They should be consumer-controlled. After all, you have more power as a customer than you do as a citizen.
Statists, on the other hand, seek the power to control and punish others. They come in liberal, conservative, green, and socialist varieties. Even some libertarians believe in a “night-watchman state.”
None of these labels truly fit those of us who believe in voluntary order, leading to consumer-controlled government. We’re post-statists!
The post-statist…

  • Doesn’t long for a lost, Edenic time, when things were allegedly better
  • Envisions a day when political domination is held in low regard, like communism and the divine right of kings presently are
  • Sees The State as an illegitimate provider of governmental services, due to its threatening and violent behavior
  • Considers empathy to be the path to a more civilized future.

The post-statist wants to create new institutions of governance based on reciprocity and the Zero Aggression Principle. These include both organized and informal methods of regulation and adjudication.
In a post-statist society, each person will be free to pursue their dreams and do what their conscience tells them is right. A post-statist culture will shun threats and initiated violence to achieve personal or social goals, no matter how noble-sounding the objective.

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By Jim Babka & Perry Willis


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