What’s the true objective of ‘single-payer’ advocates?

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Single-payer really means single-price

We’ve shown in the previous Mental Lever why single-payer is a phony, misleading term. Essentially, there’s no real single-payer in left-statist schemes, such as “single-payer” healthcare. The term single-payer is inherently fraudulent. But it does encode a deeper statist desire and danger…

What left-statists really want to achieve is a single-price.

Single-payer systems replace millions of natural prices with an artificial, single-price set by politicians or bureaucrats. You can know that…

  • prices are largely natural when you see them vary from town to town, corner to corner, store to store, and day to day.
  • a price is artificial when you see that the price does not vary with geography or time.

Natural prices prevent shortages by accounting for local conditions of supply and demand. Natural prices regulate both production and consumption. A higher relative price sends two signals at once — conserve me, and make more of me. A lower relative price gives a green light to consumption while allowing productive resources to serve more pressing needs.

The artificial single-price can do none of these things. It is a political price set for a political purpose. Statist programs like Medicare and Medicaid dictate single-prices for all the services they fund.

Highly statist countries like the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Venezuela, do the same thing for their entire economies. The result is shortages, poverty, and often death. So keep it in mind…

Single-payer really means single-price, and single-price means suffering.

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

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