Capital is money or resources used for production rather than consumption.

When a farmer pauses his work to create a tool to make future labor easier, that tool is a form of capital. Indeed…

Tools were the only form of capital before the advent of money. And tool-creation is still the main use for monetary capital today. In other words…

Capitalism is TOOLISM.

  • We delay gratification (forgo immediate consumption) in order to save money to invest in tools (shovels, drill presses, tractors, assembly lines, robots, computers, etc.)
  • The new tools allow for expanded or more efficient production
  • Increased production allows for more consumption through increased profits, higher wages, and a decreased cost of living

If you have a savings account or any kind of investments, then you’re a capitalist. It’s really that simple — capitalism is a savings account or investment portfolio that’s used to fund tool creation.

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka


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