Stop sign War spray painted on

Ending failed wars with the Zero Aggression Principle

Taxation violates the Zero Aggression Principle. This means that every form of governance must be voluntarily funded, including national defense. But people wonder – perhaps even you – how much defense spending is required, and can voluntary funding really meet the need? The best answer is actually simple. The amount of defense spending should be defined by what citizens want …

Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Riots

Do you understand how to prevent a riot? Retweet Do you recognize why social harmony is frayed and property damage is suddenly rampant? Only post-statists or voluntaryists fully comprehend the source of social peace, as explained in this article… Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Riots The president is not unique. Hardly any Americans know the actual source of domestic tranquility. Honestly, …


Do statists contradict themselves?

Statism is rich in self-contradictions. Self-contradictions are self-refutations. Learn statist self-contradictions. Share them with others.


Did MLK prevail in spite of State?

Left-statist mythology about the civil rights era doesn’t stand up to historical scrutiny Retweet It’s an article of left-statist religion — bigots operating in the free market caused segregation and big government ended it. Both things are wrong. The reverse is true… Statist legislation created segregation Free market forces destroyed segregation Two years ago, Susie and I toured Martin Luther King Jr’s …