Is Gospel Technology A Threat to the State?

April 2, 2024
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How René Girard’s ‘Gospel Technology’ Denudes the State, with Guest David Gornoski. 

In a riveting intersection of philosophy, theology, and the heart of voluntaryism, David Gornoski unravels ‘Gospel Technology’ – a groundbreaking concept that lays bare the machinations of state power. Drawing from René Girard’s insights, we uncover a revolution in personhood that challenges and dismantles the hierarchies of authority.

Join us on Gracearchy with Jim Babka for a deep dive into reshaping social constructs for a liberated future, including…

A Journey Into Superior Social Constructs

Gospel Technology: Dive into how ‘Gospel Technology’—David Gornoski’s innovative take on Girard—exposes the state’s reliance on mimetic rivalry and violence. It’s time to see beyond the facade of power structures.

The Personhood Revolution: Embrace the radical power of recognizing each individual’s sacredness. This bold acknowledgment strikes at the heart of the state’s claim to violence and control. Are you ready to join the revolution?

From Myth to Reality: Embark on a transformative journey from accepting pervasive myths to awakening to the stark ‘unveiled truths.’ Gospel technology doesn’t just enlighten; it liberates.

Once we have these insights…

What Will You and I Do With This Knowledge?

Discover the pivotal role of art and narrative in bringing gospel technology’s truths to life. Art isn’t just a mirror to society – it’s a hammer with which to shape it. Learn how to wield this tool not only to challenge the status quo but to forge new visions of hope and transformation in this episode titled, “Rene Girard unclothes the State, with David Gornoski.”

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We’ve described René Girard as the anthropological inspiration for Gracearchy. We just recently did our most important episode, “René Girard: The Founding of Religion and State.” And now…

Mr. Gornoski, host of A Neighbor’s Choice, is the first commentator we’ve invited on the program to add color and depth to the subject. David shares his testimony as to how he discovered René Girard. He also unpacks Girardian insights such as…

  • The true definition of Apocalypse (it’s not cataclysmic destruction).
  • Shakespeare’s method of apocalyptic satire.
  • The contagious nature of desire, including how societal movements can gain ‘magic energy.’

And David brings his own brand of Girardian analysis to other topics such as…

  • The insufficiency of Libertarianism.
  • The modern compartmentalization of faith, and its implications for personal and societal ethics.
  • The idea that modern ideologies and movements, even those seemingly secular, are deeply influenced by the narrative and ethos of Christ – a concept he calls “the Christ haunted world.”

On top of all that, we have two Gracepoints – ways to use and apply the information found in this rather unique presentation.

Why It Matters

This episode of Gracearchy is more than a mere conversation; it’s a clarion call to dismantle the myths that shackle us and to pioneer governance rooted in dignity and respect. If hidden myths obstruct our path to true freedom, it’s our duty to unveil them.

Are you prepared to see the unseen and share this vision with the world?

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project


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