Why This Is Our Most Important Episode Yet

March 6, 2024
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This is the most important episode of Gracearchy, yet.

The work of René Girard provides the “anthropological underpinnings” of Gracearchy with Jim Babka. Anthropology is the study of human society, including its origins, culture, social structures, and language. That’s a pretty big topic, but this episode goes deeper.

Girard’s work is much like a “Theory of Everything.” We recognize that this might be a turn-off. Some people prefer to show more sophistication by having a big catalog of explanations, perhaps two for every different subject. But in this episode, we show how Girard’s work starts as a literary theory, then journeys on to anthropology and psychology, then travels through mythology, theology, and, finally, sociology.

By traveling this path, as you will in this episode, you learn the origin of the State and of religion.

And not only those things, but also the source of cultural rituals, political behaviors, and war.

We cover all of that in this one episode! So the claim, that this is the most important episode we’ve yet done… Well, that’s real.

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The Scapegoat

The original goal of this episode was to cover and explain the role of the Scapegoat in René Girard’s theory. But the conversation took off in inspired ways.

The concept of the Scapegoat sits at the intersection of my personal theology and my Voluntaryist social philosophy. And I couldn’t help myself — I had to explain how it fits into a big picture.

The Scapegoat is a sacrificial concept. Both institutional religion and statism are founded in and sustained by the blood of innocents. And the recognition of the Scapegoat can be an invitation to the end of superstition.

Our journey includes Oedipus, Caiaphas, Hobbes, Nietzsche, and Kaepernick (yes, the quarterback). Examples from literature, history, and current events are also included.

We hope you’ll listen, slowly, carefully — maybe even twice. This episode is that foundational.

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