How my friends and I exposed a false flag war

March 20, 2024
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21 years ago, my friends and I exposed a false flag war.

Over the next several years, nearly every prediction we made happened. Our pre-war claims were thoroughly vindicated.

The stuff we said seems obvious now.

But at the time, no major American institution was reporting the things we found — so we ran radio ads. The ads would air. The stations would get angry calls. Then, they refused to sell us additional time.

We even got a death threat.

We froze that website in 2003 so that you could refer back to it. Why?

Because while the world was tuned into the lies of the Bush-Cheney administration, we used principles and heuristics to find and present the truth about…

The War in Iraq

From the beginning, this war was based on outright fabrications – manufactured lies – that Saddam Hussein was building nuclear weapons.

It was easy to scare a nation recently tenderized by the 9/11 attacks. Saddam, they claimed, was in bed with anti-American terrorists. The United States simply couldn’t wait to attack and depose him. The stakes were too high, they claimed.

The website, frozen in time, is Two decades have passed, but those lessons are timeless.

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This episode is arranged around the four Truth About War radio ads. We play the ad, then break it down. The things we cover include…

  • Saddam Hussein had no nuclear weapons.
  • Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaeda.
  • The first Bush administration knew Saddam was going to attack Kuwait.
  • George W. Bush had plans to oust Saddam before 9/11 happened.
  • Hussein supported no terrorism against the U.S.

We also discuss the baby incubator propaganda and why it’s so important for Congress to formally declare war.

In this episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka, you will learn how we knew that the Bush-Cheney team was lying. But you’ll also get an answer to the question…


As in, why did they lie?

This matters for today. It matters for tomorrow. It will matter for every generation to come.

This was a conspiracy.

Knowing precisely how to question power…
– especially when that power is selling urgent, desperate FEAR…
– is a necessary skill for preserving, let alone expanding liberty.

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Jim Babka
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