The statist approach to aiding needy people has two main features…

  1. It uses taxes, which means some people were victims of extortion — pay or face violence.
  2. Tax-funded aid programs need not perform well, because they get funded whether they succeed or fail.

Is such an approach actually generous?
How you would feel if someone pointed a gun at you and demanded money? Would you consider yourself generous if you forked over the dough? Would you consider your neighbor generous if he robbed you and gave your money to the Red Cross? These examples drive home three key points…  statist-help-300x231

[wp-svg-icons icon=”key-2″ wrap=”i”]Key Point #1: You aren’t being generous when you donate money you violently extorted from others. True generosity is giving your own resources
[wp-svg-icons icon=”key-2″ wrap=”i”]Key Point #2: Paying taxes isn’t generous, anymore than giving money to a mugger is generous. True generosity is thoughtful and voluntary.
[wp-svg-icons icon=”key-2″ wrap=”i”]Key Point #3: It’s greedy and uncaring to demand, on threat of violence, that others fund your preferred way of helping people.

In summary, please observe how statists…

  • Praise their own violence-based approach as representing generosity
  • Call people who don’t want to pay for their programs “selfish”*
  • Use The State to take things from others
  • Dictate not only the recipients of aid, but also the means of providing it
  • Care nothing about the feelings of people who prefer more effective and peaceful methods of rendering aid

None of these attitudes are generous! They are ungenerous.

By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

* – The statist actually craves a resource that doesn’t belong to them — the taxpayer’s wealth. Who here is really being selfish?


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