Do you want to live in a libertarian society? Could we achieve one in the next decade?

[widgets_on_pages id=”Plan for a Libertarian Society”] Jim Babka and Perry Willis have crafted a step-by-step plan for creating a libertarian society. They believe this can be done in as little as ten years. They may be crazy, but what if they’re right? Can you afford to not know what their plan is? Get a copy by joining the Zero Aggression Project (ZAP) using the subscription box. [widgets_on_pages id=”Subscription Form Left Float”] The Zero Aggression Project is a major component of that plan…

Do you like ZAP’s mission? It has three parts…

Do you like ZAP’s mission? It has three parts…
  1. Share the Zero Aggression Principle (the ZAP) with every person on planet Earth. The ZAP says, Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.
  2. Find and activate people who self-identify as libertarians (so we can collaborate to reach more minds)
  3. Move people in a voluntaryist direction. A voluntaryist makes no exceptions to the ZAP. All human relationships must be voluntarily chosen.

ZAP will use the following tools to achieve these objectives…

  • Mental Levers — You can use mini-articles to share libertarian ideas in bite-size chunks
  • Our tour of a libertarian society — You can share this detailed description of what a libertarian society would look and feel like with your most curious libertarian prospects
  • Our blog — You can use this to share longer articles that present libertarian ideas in more detail
  • Our polling campaigns — Get your friends to register their current opinion about an issue, and then measure how (or if) their views change after considering the ZAP and other libertarian arguments.
  • Last, but not least, our detailed plan for creating such a society will show your friends how we plan to get from here to there.

And we’re creating more tools all the time. Join using the subscription form. We’ll send you our step-by-step plan for creating a libertarian society.
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