We need wise rulers, because you’re too stupid for liberty

Some boob will harm himself or hurt us all. Thank God politicians can stop him, right? Retweet

Our previous Mental Lever refuted the idea that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” We…

  • Argued that this idea is a recipe for murder
  • Linked to information showing that it has led to murder millions of times

But statists counter-argue, quite correctly, that most of their schemes don’t lead to murder.

Does that make their schemes okay?

Our next few Levers will answer this question in several ways. We start by examining, in a mere 260 words, the arrogance inherent in the idea that some people should make decisions for everyone else. Check it out…

Do some people need to be monitored and disciplined by their “betters?”
By Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Please consider this question…

Are there enough voluntaryists to move our country, even your state, in a libertarian direction?

One of the Zero Aggression Project’s three primary objectives is to locate and activate those who already self-identify as libertarians. Polling data shows that one-in-five Americans identify as libertarians, as opposed to conservative or liberal.

We want to find them! The first step is to build a base of 100,000 engaged subscribers. With that base, we can launch out to find many more — even persuade some people to move our direction.

In our most recent count, the new Zero Aggression Project has 2,002 (+30) engaged subscribers. You can help increase this number…

  • Help us locate these libertarians, and help them locate us by forwarding this newsletter to them.
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