How much do statists really care?

Statists care a great deal – just not about you, necessarily. Retweet

Quote of the Day: When reformers create murder and mayhem, they justify it by saying, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” But it’s always someone else’s eggs that get broken. And the omelet never materializes. — Harry Browne


Statists care!
Or at least they constantly tell you they do. But is it really true? For instance…
Do they care about the harm they do?
After all, harm is essential to the statist worldview. They must initiate force against individual conscience or personal happiness in order to enact their plans. This hurts people. So how can they justify this harm if they care about people so much? Well…
Statists claim that the benefits of their schemes outweigh the harm done. But does it? What would it really take to conduct such a cost-benefit study? Check out the 150-word answer we provide in our latest Mental Lever…
Can a cost-benefit analysis justify initiated force?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka

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  1. No where is this more evident, as you have pointed out yourself, than the medical regulations that come down from ‘Caesar’ at the FDA, HHS, and other three letter atrocities connected to the Executive branch. On the so called ‘Conservative’ side, we have regulations that forbid the use of Medicinal marijuana, and forbids the use of advertising that a natural remedy ‘cures, treats,……. when it is often more effective , with out harmful effects, than the ‘Established Medical practice drugs’ endorsed by the FDA. On the so-called Liberal side, Planned (un)Parenthood can both spend tax payer money on their ‘activities’ (as you have pointed out in https://www.downsizedcfoundation.org/blog/do-your-taxes-fund-abortions ) and receive ‘compensation’ for the ‘effort ‘ of procuring organs for research, or even a high school biology course! Then the agencies can have the unmitigated gall to threaten to restrict a patient who needs a bone marrow transplant from offering compensation! (https://www.change.org/p/hhs-stop-federal-rule-that-costs-cancer-patients-their-lives ) Is this hypocrisy? Absolutely! Statists show themselves to be hypocrites, whether on the right or on the left side, as they have been doing for thousands of years.

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