Consumer-Controlled Governments

What kind of governments do libertarians want?

Libertarians – anti-State/pro-gov. What does libertarian governance look like? Retweet
Many of our previous Mental Levers have made a distinction between The State and legitimate government. We argue that…

  • Legitimate governments never initiate force, they only use force defensively
  • The State initiates force in nearly all it does, therefore it is not a legitimate government

Seen in this way, we are “pro-government but anti-state.” But what do we mean by being pro-government? What kind of governmental institutions do we envision? Today’s Mental Lever begins to answer that question. It also introduces a new term that we hope you’ll add to your vocabulary — consumer controlled governance. Check it out, and share it with others…
What is the alternative to The State?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
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