Libertarians believe in laws, and here they are…

March 11, 2016
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Libertarians believe there are three fundamental laws. Do you know what they are? Retweet
We’ve been arguing that…

This raises a question. What basic laws and institutions of governance would exist in a libertarian Zero Aggression society? We have a Mental Lever mini-article that answers this question, in just 112 words. See what you think of it…
What fundamental laws will govern a libertarian society?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
We’re looking to build a “libertarian society.” The first stage of our plan is to locate 100,000 libertarians to help us spread the Zero Aggression message to a much wider audience. In our most recent count, the new Zero Aggression Project has 1,083 (+460) engaging with this material. You can help increase this number and have a large marginal impact in this launching stage simply by…

  1. Click the link for today’s Mental Lever, What fundamental laws will govern a libertarian society? Then, locate the gold box on the page (on your PC, it’ll be on the right; on your phone, it will be down below the comments). Click on the social media icons located there, so that you can share this Mental Lever. Literally, ask people to sign-up! Asking makes a difference.
  2. Forward this email to two friends who are libertarians or libertarian-leaning, encouraging them to join you in subscribing. Literally, ask them to sign-up! Asking is that important!
  3. The Zero Aggression Project needs to raise merely $4,427 in March to cover its monthly budget. Contributions can be tax-deductible, if you itemize.


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