Are libertarians afraid to bring up the Zero Aggression Principle?

January 12, 2016
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Does the Zero Aggression Principle mean Anarchy? The surprising answer Retweet
The Zero Aggression Principle (Don’t initiate force or ask politicians to do it for you) is the most powerful libertarian idea of all. It also applies to all issues. Yet very few libertarians use the ZAP in conversation. We think we know why.
Apply the ZAP consistently and two things are no longer permissible…

  • A monopoly form of government
  • Tax-funded government

Doesn’t that imply anarchy?
Many libertarians feel unequipped to deal with that question, and so they avoid it, by avoiding the Zero Aggression Principle. Other libertarians think that once anarchy is suggested, conversation shuts down. But we have a cure for these problems. Our Mental Lever about this subject will allow you to use the Zero Aggression Principle without having to worry about the anarchy question. Check it out…
Is the Zero Aggression Principle anarchistic?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
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