The Spiritual Foundation of My Voluntaryism

September 11, 2023
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In 1996, I became a libertarian, mostly thanks to Harry Browne.

Before that, I was a conservative. Before I could fully transition, I felt required to check and see if my emerging political views matched my faith.

Could I be a Christian and a libertarian?

You may know someone who, right now, is asking the same thing!

As it turns out, both things – libertarianism and faith – were not events, rather they were journeys. My libertarianism became Post-Statist Voluntaryism as expressed here, at the Zero Aggression Project. My faith walked hand-in-hand with becoming increasingly anti-coercion.

I want other Christians to see that Jesus is a revolutionary character who came to set up a kingdom where the law was not imposed by force, but rather written on the heart and defined chiefly by love.

That story arc begins with the Trinity.

When Bill and I started Gracearchy with Jim Babka, we made a list of guests we’d like to have. It had nearly a dozen names on it. Near the top of that list was…

C. Baxter Kruger: He’s my go-to teacher on the subject of the Trinity.


Most people complicate and even misstate the nature of this relationship inside God. To be precise, it is a relationship of individuals in self-giving love, to which you are invited.

Losing sight of this, led to the definition of faith being distorted. Faith became a knowledge question, or worse, it was turned into a blind leap.

From this distortion, legalism emerged. The people inside it felt trapped and unworthy, and they projected that out onto the world.

The result was yet another religion seeking the levers of earthly power.

That should never have happened. Christians, of all people, should be known first and mostly for Love. And that requires a return to Trinity. This divine relationship is the source of our existence. It’s the model for our social interactions. It’s the place in which we’re invited to rest.

It is this relationship, along with the Genesis concept of the Imago Dei (every person made in the image of God), that serve as MY foundation and motivation to be a voluntaryist and to fight creeping coercion – to encourage the day when our society is post-statist, but in the meantime to do all I can to Downsize DC.

Bill and I sat down with Baxter Kruger of Perichoresis, and we recorded three episodes on The Trinitarian Vision.

THIS EPISODE is Part 1, and it’s titled The Meaning of Life. You can also listen while you work or drive on these podcasting platforms: Pandora * iHeart * Google Podcasts * Spotify

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project


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