Must Future Outbreaks Turn Into Brother vs Brother?

August 28, 2023
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There’s a hashtag movement going on right now: #DoNotConsent

People are getting “that sickness” again, apparently with a new strain. You know the one. There are fears of a return to lockdowns, mandates, censorship, and social shaming.

#DoNotConsent: Are they doing it right?

I ask that because I was talking about the strategy of Deny Consent, as a primary theme, exactly a decade ago.

We even launched a website called DenyConsent.

What did we mean by “Deny Consent?”

Well, I discussed the strategy on the radio with Dennis Tubbergen and Ian Freeman, in an article for the Tenth Amendment Center, in the Downsize DC newsletter, and the concept can still be found in our Mental Levers at the Zero Aggression Project.

Bill Protzmann took the lead in this discussion and interviewed Pastor Dave Brisbin and me about our response to the shot, to mandates, and how that stuff affected us.

Our responses are different. Our decisions about the shot were the opposite. So…

How could they both be the “right response” from a shared faith perspective?

How could a brother live in harmony with his brother?

Viewers and listeners will learn how and why the answer is found in something called the macro and the micro.

Amazingly, this episode was recorded in May. Now, the Do Not Consent movement helps make it timely. As you know quite well, principles are timeless.

We also address an issue that nagged at me during 2020: Why were “church people” so scared of death?

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

P.S. This is a “bonus episode” to the series we’ve already done with Pastor Dave Brisbin of “theeffect.” They’re all quite short. The Weakness of Orthodoxy – EP 57 (YouTube, iHeart – 23 minutes), Reconsidering the Kingdom of God – EP 58 (YouTube, Google Podcasts – 14 minutes), and Explaining the Trinity – EP 59 (YouTube, Spotify – 36 minutes).


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