Are there really Americans who like corporate welfare?

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Do any Americans really support corporate welfare? Let’s find out: If no one supports corporate welfare then the libertarian side wins!
Today’s action item is super-easy. Go to the following Facebook post and share it — Are there really Americans who like corporate welfare?
After you’ve done that, open a tab for our corporate welfare campaign and see how the competition is going. Remember, to see the results you first have to answer the corporate welfare poll question (if you haven’t done that already).
Here’s the strategic point of this — You can change the world by placing new ideas in new minds. This sharing activity is a super easy way to do that.
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  1. I am surprised there are not more people who believe in corporate welfare. Tens of millions of shareholders abandon their morals while they reap the dividends from corporations they know are doing very evil things, so why would they object if the corporations get government handouts that might increase their dividend checks?

    1. This may be a function of who is coming to our site David. We’ll be working to bring a broader selection of people to the site, so you may see more support for corporate subsidies in the future.

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