Can we refute another myth of statism?

December 8, 2015
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Have you ever heard the term “free riders?” Statists think “free riders” justify their statism. Are they right? Our latest Mental Lever refutes the idea…
Do “free riders” justify initiated-force?
By Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Free riders are people who benefit from things paid for by others. Statists use free riders as an excuse to initiate force. Statists argue that certain goods may not be provided unless everyone is forced to pay for them. But there are many examples to disprove this, including…
Also, while in Florida, last month, Jim Babka was video interviewed by Alex Snitker of Liberty Underground Radio.
Here’s the link:
Here’s the context of this interview: Jim had just come off the stage from his third presentation in three nights titled, “How one voluntaryist can make Florida a libertarian place.” During the speech, he introduced the Zero Aggression Project and shared it’s three primary objectives…

  1. Share the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) with every person on planet Earth.
  2. Locate and activate the 1-in-5 Americans who already self-identify as libertarians.
  3. Move everyone in a voluntaryist direction.



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