Our shockingly large goals for 2016

January 6, 2016
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In a recent message we wrote for our sister organization, Downsize DC, we described our goals for 2016. We intend to achieve “escape velocity” — the point at which we’ll be big enough to make constant progress toward our goals — by…

  • Recruiting 100,000 subscribers
  • Convincing 10,000 of those supporters to be donors

We think these achievements will set us on a ten year path toward executing a new plan we’ve developed, titled “How To Create a Libertarian Society.”
You’ll see this plan soon. It will describe five tactics that will deliver us a government that never initiates force. Our plan quantifies the supporters needed to execute each tactic…

  • 3 to 5 million people can execute the easiest tactic
  • 13 million will be needed for the most difficult item

We also quantify the number of prospects available to provide the recruits we need. There are multiple strands of evidence showing that there are already more than 60 million “proto-libertarians” in America. That gives us more than enough prospects to execute our entire plan, perhaps in as little as ten years.
Each of our organizations will have a role to play…

  • Downsize DC will bring people in the front door with its transpartisan proposals — Read the Bills, Write the Laws, and One Subject at a Time.
  • ZAP will then expose those people to crucial libertarian ideas, such as the all-important Zero Aggression Principle.

But ZAP will also do a lot of direct recruiting, using our discovery tools, mainly our polling campaigns. Remember how we prioritize things. We want to do…
Discovery before persuasion

  • First, discover, recruit, and activate the people who already agree with us.
  • Second, persuade those who disagree to move in our direction

Please be clear about this — we do not mean discovery instead of persuasion. We mean discovery first, and persuasion second. Our polling software

  • Discovers people who agree with us, and recruits them to join us
  • Moves people who disagree in our direction, while measuring the amount of that movement

This approach has already borne fruit. But it can be truly successful if we better address something that comes before even discovery and persuasion…
No one can agree or disagree with your ideas if they don’t know about them. So first you have to share your ideas. Sharing comes first, even before discovery and persuasion. But…
If you share ideas through conversation, a debate may result. This can become an ego contest. Ego contests lead to reactive thinking, when what you really want is reflective thinking. But…
If you send people to use our polling software, there is no debate, no ego contest. Reflective thinking is much more likely. But one thing is still missing…
You want to see how people respond!
We have a tool for that too. But it’s defective. We need your help to fix it. When our tool is working consistently…

  • You can email a question to someone.
  • When they answer, you get to see the answer, plus…
  • You can see other answers they give as they interact with more material on the Zero Aggression Project website.

Do you want to see if people are moved by libertarian arguments? 
If your answer is YES, then we need your help. Our sharing software has some bugs that we need to fix. But our coffers are dry. Could you contribute to help fund this work?
This is the first step we must take in order to…

  • Recruit 100,000 supporters this year
  • Achieve escape velocity for our plan to create a libertarian society in as little as ten years.

You can contribute here, or fuel our work on a constant basis by starting a monthly pledge.
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, the Zero Aggression Project


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