New Mental Lever: What is a voluntaryist?

October 29, 2015
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Before we get to the new Mental Lever, some quick announcements…

This week Jim Babka, co-creator of the Zero Aggression Project, was on Free Talk Live (10/27, hour 2), the Tom Woods Show, and the Gary Nolan Show (10/29, hour 2). Next week, you can see him in three Florida cities. Florida details are below today’s new Mental Lever introduction…

What should you call yourself if you’re a person who makes no exceptions to the Zero Aggression Principle?
Some libertarians like to call themselves anarchists. We’ve argued that this doesn’t make sense, even for libertarians who advocate non-state forms of governance. Is there a better term? We think there is, and we’ve just published a new Mental Lever to describe that term…
What is a Voluntaryist?
By Jim Babka & Perry Willis
A voluntaryist libertarian believes that all adult relationships should be voluntary.
A voluntary society is what results when you apply the Zero Aggression Principle (the ZAP) consistently. This means that institutions of governance must be…
FYI – Jim Babka will appear in three Florida cities – Orlando, Fort Myers, and Tampa, November 3, 4, and 5 respectively. The title of his talk will be… How ONE Voluntaryist can make Florida a Libertarian place.

What if everything we libertarians have tried created discouragement instead of success? What if something simple could make the difference instead? What if just one person has the power to change things?

Maybe you don’t live in Florida, but you have a friend or family member who’d benefit from this information. We hope you’re intrigued enough to check it out. The details can be found on the Zero Aggression Project blog.


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