The two main keys to libertarian success

What two strategies identify the first steps toward creating a libertarian society? Retweet 

Most of our Mental Lever “collections” focus on presenting key libertarian ideas in bite-size chunks. But one of those collections deals with strategies and tactics. Each mini-article in that collection tries to present an idea that will contribute something vital to our overall goal…

Creating a libertarian society!

Our strategies and tactics Levers so-far deal with the following questions…

And today we present two new Mental Levers that go right to the heart of libertarian strategy…

Taken together these Mental Levers provide steps one, two, and three toward creating a libertarian society…

  1. Focus on the main need
  2. Take yes for an answer
  3. Use yes to counter no

Check out both Levers and leave your thoughts in the comments section below each.

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project

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  1. What I am finding difficult is the number of statist proposals, from House and Senate bills to Presidential actions that are being rolled out. Currently, President Trump, who has a mixed record on liberty, is proposing to nominate Marvin Goodfriend to the Federal Reserve Board. This Keynesian ‘economist’ has proposed both ‘negative interest rates’ for bank deposits and chipping and taxing FRNs that are held outside of banks. As a Floridian, I hate this idea for both the statist potential of the action, and the penalty it places on the people who either don’t trust banks, or heed the suggestions of the state governments in hurricane prone zones to keep a couple of weeks or so of cash available in case of non-working ATMs. I will be calling my representatives and notifying friends and family members on this one, pronto.

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