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We promote our military history articles twice per year, before Veterans Day and Memorial Day. We demonstrate that…

  • Politicians always misuse the military
  • All U.S. wars made America less safe and less free (yes, even WW2)
  • All U.S. wars made the world worse, not better (yes, even WW2)
  • There were always better alternatives than those the politicians chose (this is especially true of WW2)
  • Fundamental reforms are needed to take the war power away from the politicians and give it to the people (one particular reform would probably do the trick)

We amply demonstrate these realities in our articles. As a result, we suggest that it’s wrong to claim that soldiers died for our freedom or to make us safe. They may have WANTED to do that, but that’s NOT how the politicians actually used them. Thus…

We need to reframe Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Memorial Day and Veterans Day/Armistice Day make more sense as holidays we should use to prevent future wars, rather than to celebrate lies about past wars. Such lies serve to encourage future wars. Those wars will also result in death, maiming, PTSD, and suicides of patriotic young Americans.

We also publicize specific articles at specific times of the year, such as December 7 for Pearl Harbor, May 8th for the end of World War 2, October for the Cuban Missile Crisis, and so forth. But…

You could end up having conversations about past wars at any time of the year. That’s why we’ve maintained an index page – a blog post where people can find links to all the articles. Alas, our index page had one glaring weakness…

It didn’t have a short, memorable URL that we could use on radio talk shows or that you could share with friends during conversations. We have now remedied that by creating…

Check it out. Read the articles you find there. Share with other people. Do the same with the individual articles, as discussions arise which relate to one war or another. This is a powerful tool. Go there. Read it. Use it. Share it with others!

ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka, Co-creator
Zero Aggression Project

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