Zero Aggression Principle

What Hurricane Irma did to us

We’ve already shown you prototypes of our new Nolan Chart survey, the Political Conscience Test (PCT). A usable beta version was due next. So where is it? What happened?

Hurricane Irma happened. All of our web developers live in Florida. Each was disrupted by the storm. Meanwhile…

We discovered a major bug in our subscription process. We couldn’t track down the problem until our team came back, and even then it was difficult and time-consuming. These events trashed our schedule and our budget. Fortunately…

We’ve largely solved the budgetary part. We’ve closed $6,500 of a $7,800 shortfall. We also have a $1,000 pledge we can realize by raising just $300 more. Yes, you read the right. Can you contribute part or all of that $300? You’ll be added to the Conscience Builder’s roster of the new PCT.

Your help will win us that $1,000 pledge, and we’ll quickly deliver the Political Conscience Test (Beta Version 1) for your immediate use. You can make your tax-deductible contribution on our secure web form.

Thank you in advance.

Jim Babka
Zero Aggression Project

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