Can you flush the statist P-P Problem?

Do the Left and Right share a common error? Retweet

Statism rests on a quivering foundation of self-contradiction, error, and hypocrisy. Some of our Mental Levers examine these mistakes.

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  1. I think the two-party system is actually a P-P problem in itself. There are too many states where the DNC and GOP have so much power the Libertarian Party can’t even get on the ballot. Frankly, we could use a system more like Israel’s where enough smaller parties have to be dealt with before the larger ones can get anything done. That might cause other problems, but at least we might have some real choices. I really can’t complain about Florida, but other states need the same options I have. (I even wrote in Hulk Hogan last Presidential election- and felt somewhat vindicated later, due to this:https://www.wnd.com/2020/04/hulk-hogan-calls-revival-amid-pandemic-god-taken-away-everything-worship/)

    I could vote for either Amash or Hornberger for Libertarian Party this year but have yet to convince myself fully (or my husband) of the soundness of switching parties, especially with both Rand and Ron Paul staying with the RNC, as well as Thomas Massie..

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