Has the U.S. ever fought a good foreign war?

November 10, 2022
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Jim Babka and Bill Protzmann interview Perry Willis on the latest episode of Gracearchy.

The interview deals with a crucial question everyone should ponder on or before November 11th Armistice (Veterans) Day…

Has the U.S. ever fought a good foreign war?

Jim and Perry review each U.S. war and ponder three questions about each one…

  1. Did it defend freedom?
  2. Did it protect American security?
  3. Did it make the world a better place?

They also consider the options and alternatives to those wars.

You may think the answers are obvious, but we suspect you will be surprised by some of the things you hear during this interview. Jim and Perry discuss…

  • Early U.S. wars of Conquest
  • Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the Empire of Japan?
  • Did the U.S. side with the more evil side in World War One?
  • How U.S. politicians fostered the rise of the Soviet Union and radical Islam
  • Was Adolf Hitler Woodrow Wilson’s love child?
  • Was World War Two a good war?
  • What role did U.S. policies play in the creation of North Korea and Red China?
  • How could the U.S. have achieved better results in World War Two?

They also discuss an important educational service provided by the Zero Aggression Project. It’s a website called WarTruth.org. That site contains articles about all of the subjects discussed above, plus other topics.

Please prepare for Armistice Day by listening to this episode…

Perry Willis’s histories of U.S. wars

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