How you can undermine the Chinese Communist Party

June 2, 2023
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With this very simple act, you can undermine the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

One young man came to Hong Kong from mainland China – from a communist hell – to experience freedom to the fullest. He used that freedom to build a retail clothing empire in the East. His name is…

Jimmy Lai

Jimmy realized that freedom was a blessing, even a gift. He was grateful for it. And so he spoke up for it. In fact, he paid a high price…

He had to give up his business.

What he didn’t yet realize was, he’d pay an even higher price when he became an outspoken media mogul and China took over his new homeland.

Jimmy Lai is a high-profile dissident in Hong Kong. And the CCP has now taken away his communications empire, his wealth, and his liberty. He sits in a cage. And he says that he has loudly dissented because…

He owes freedom his life

His story is told in the movie “The Hong Konger.” And it’s the subject of the latest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

The Hong Konger was produced by The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. And our first guest was one of the producers of this film, Eric Kohn, Acton’s director of marketing & communications.

Eric shares some of Jimmy’s story, from a chocolate bar-inspired stowaway to a billionaire threat to the CCP. We also discuss the handover of Hong Kong to the CCP in 1997, and the circumstances that led to a huge dissident movement.

The Hong Konger spent the last year on the film festival circuit. But now it’s time for you to watch it!

A brand new service, offered by the Advocates for Self-Government, will make it possible for you to watch Jimmy Lai’s story, The Hong Konger, for free without commercial interruption.

Full disclosure: One of my employers is The Advocates, where I’m the editor-at-large.

The Advocates’ newest initiative is called ASG.Stream. It’s an “over-the-top” video platform – like a “Netflix for Liberty.”

And why is ASG.Stream featuring The Hong Konger now? According to the executive director of ASG.Stream, Justin Arman, it’s because this weekend is the 34th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

In fact, Justin Arman joined us to explain how YOU can watch The Hong Konger. In this film, you’ll learn history and geopolitics, but mostly, you’ll relate to a man of awe-inspiring courage. Despite that courage, you’ll be moved by his humility and humanity.

Even better, you’ll learn in this episode of Gracearchy how you can break the “National Security Law” of the CCP. This revolutionary action is so simple, it’ll amaze you. So we hope you’ll tune in to the show, then go watch the movie.

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