This Is Revolutionary Stuff, Or So It Seems

We are being told that our society can no longer endure free speech, free press, and free association. You must be anti-this, speak out against that, and endorse the other.

Gracearchy with Jim Babka is about rejecting the paradigm that declares, “You’re either with us, completely, or we consider you against us.” This perspective can only spiral from bad to worse.

That’s how vendetta works. It escalates.

We need a path of escape from this prison yard system others are trying to build for you and me. So I’m encouraged when our program garners feedback like this…

Just finished watching. It was super interesting. I’m a Buddhist. I found this the most inspiring interpretation of the Bible I’ve ever heard. Glad to know there’s so much love in it and no judgment. And that the Jesus is in us.

That note came from Andrej. He and I had a lovely exchange of views following that message. Grace!

Andrej was watching our series with C. Baxter Kruger. Today, we present the third and final episode.

We’ve been talking with Baxter Kruger of Perichoresis about the Trinity and the myth of separation from God.

This is revolutionary stuff, or so it seems

For many people, the stuff we said in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series may seem new. That’s why, with this final installment, I wanted you to see something Baxter has never done in any publicly available video…

Layout the historical thread, starting with the apostles, right up through to the present.

Theologians aren’t generally praised for being “novel” and “innovative.”

The problem is that the truths we discussed with Baxter have been obscured for a long time. As a result, what appears to be orthodox today is actually a newer form of error.

Why should you care? Because these modern errors serve to maintain existing power structures.

Indeed, I’m persuaded that discussions like the ones we’ve had with Baxter matter to our voluntaryist cause. To the degree that believers understand what’s being shared in this series — in this podcast! — the cult of the omnipotent State would recede.

THIS EPISODE is Part 3 of the series, and it’s titled The Thread of Redemption. It’s quite a reading list from a well-read man.

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

P.S. If you haven’t listened to the previous episode in this series we call “The Trinitarian Vision with Baxter Kruger,” please be sure to check out “The Meaning of Life” (Ep. 65), featured on YouTube and Pandora, and “Healing Us and Our World” (Ep. 66), featured on YouTube and iHeart. Every episode is also available on most podcasting apps.

Gracearchy is hosted by Zero Aggression Project’s co-founder, Jim Babka, but the views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).

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