Can You Resist the Masters of Political Fear?

February 19, 2024
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Propaganda is anti-grace. Do you know how to spot and resist fear or political manipulation?

It seems vital that every one of us can spot manipulation and resist it. That’s why the latest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka dives into the murky waters of political narratives, disinformation, and even invisible forces that shape everyone’s perception of reality.

Along the way, we took a look at ‘Russiagate,’ foreign meddling, and the role government employees play in misinformation. Hint: They do it a lot more than you realize, and it’s not “censored” when they do.

When you listen to this tight 36-minute episode, you’ll gain the tools to see beyond the headlines and recognize the subtle signs of propaganda. For example…

– We give you a question that you should always ask if you want to know the underlying, concealed part of a political situation.

– We explain why bipartisanship is normally bad and present a process that is normally better.

This episode is an essential (and, as always, graceful) guide for anyone looking to navigate the political landscape with a critical eye.

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A Matter of Soul

We also discuss a matter of the soul.

Will you be pulled away from your values, and into conflict just for the sake of conflict?

The leading actors in the political process are Provocateurs and Purveyors of Fear. They know how to consistently strike that nerve. But the situation is even worse than that…

They also want to destroy your hope. For example, there’s a story told to Democrat-leaning voters about Ralph Nader. It’s pure myth.

By the end of our journey, you’ll be better equipped to spot when fear is being ginned up to manipulate you and better prepared to make decisions based on a deeper understanding of the forces at work.

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