Why Prohibition is Worse than a Zyn

February 6, 2024
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The anti-scientific Schumer shakedown of flavored nicotine replacements.

Zyn is a pouch that delivers nicotine. It replaces smoking. But…

There’s no smoke. Obvious, right?

Not to the guardians of so-called “public health.” And, in fact, not to lots of Americans. Many people connect nicotine, a natural product with effects like caffeine.

Senator Chuck Schumer is targeting the product, as he did with vaping. He’s accusing Zyn of “marketing to children.” And his “scientific evidence? They sell flavors.


The result could be a prohibition of the product or a ban on flavoring.

We elaborate on all of this, plus explain how the Science Says that Schumer’s action could be a disaster for public health.

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The Pseudo-science of Second Hand Smoke

There are historical clues and reasons to believe that anti-smoking crusaders want something beyond, maybe even despite public health.

One Foundation that proudly led the funding and the fight, sponsored and promoted junk science on second-hand smoke. They engaged the EPA in their work. And government involvement is why we, on Gracearchy with Jim Babka, care about this story.

The State should not be regulating the lives of peaceful adults.

You might be prone to doubt what I’m saying about second-hand smoke, but in this episode, we bring the evidence. We’ll also reveal the major anti-smoking players who disagree with banning nicotine products.

Our story also includes alleged cronyism – by the same Foundation that led the fight against cigarettes. I’ll present that evidence to you. You can weigh it and decide for yourself – cronyism or not?

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