How can music bring grace to your world?

July 6, 2023
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Music is not merely entertainment; it has powerful healing modalities. 

It can transform teams and tribes. It can integrate the person.

Music enriches meditation, helps with depression, and aids motivation. Used correctly, it can heal the soul.

A collection of favorite songs often plays a miraculous role in Alzheimer’s patients and can provide a bridge with their memory loss caretakers.

Music can even pave the path to social justice.

Music can lead to grace. Find out how…

This episode is a bit of role reversal

Bill Protzmann is normally the moderator of each episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

But today, he’s the featured guest! I’m interviewing Bill because he’s the proprietor of

Bill is, first and foremost, a musician. And you’ll get to see him play both Rachmaninoff and Ragtime in this episode.

But he’s also learned the power of music. Through Musimorphic he can help people enjoy all the benefits described above and more!

In this episode, Bill explains how “we musicians are master manipulators,” and he also…

  • Introduces you to new musicians (some are in the show notes).
  • Explains where politics is off-limits, why your mother would still want you to talk about music – better yet, listen to music together.
  • Covers how music can both prepare you for and assist you with meditation.

Indeed, you’ll begin to learn how you can access all the blessing music can provide in this joyful and instructive episode.

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