Kingdom of God, a Voluntaryism of the Heart

August 11, 2023
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This episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka is efficient. In less than 14 minutes you get some innovative thinking, answering the question…

What is the Kingdom of God?

In the previous episode, Pastor Dave Brisbin and I agreed “98%.” In this episode, I quickly picked a fight about the other 2%.

You won’t be surprised to learn that my answer, to the Kingdom question, was social with a libertarian twist. Unsurprisingly, Pastor Dave gave a more personal and pastoral answer.

But did we disagree?

When I went back to review this episode for myself, I was surprised by two things

First, this episode seems innovative.

Is theological innovation a good thing? Often, it’s not. But when a set of errors become the establishment, resurrecting the truth can sound innovative.

Our conversation landed in a place that challenges the social gospel of the left, the fundamentalism of the right, and the centrist insistence that there should be catholic (universal) agreement.

As for our 2% disagreement, I now believe we were describing two sides of the same coin.

In fact, the Kingdom of God is unlike the present system where solving problems requires capturing dominance over others. Instead, the Kingdom springs from within persons, removing the desire to rule others and implanting a desire to obey just one true King. These are the two sides Dave and I covered. Taken together, the Kingdom is a…

Voluntaryism of the Heart

For context, Bill and I strongly encourage you to catch the previous episode. This one picks up right where the last left off. See the P.S. for details.

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P.S. The previous episode was The Weakness of Orthodoxy with Dave Brisbin – EP 57 That episode is on YouTube, iHeart, and many other podcasting platforms. And it’s only 23 minutes long!

P.P.S. We recorded four, in-person episodes with Pastor Dave in mid-May. We had three mics and five different cameras. Only after the session was over did we discover that we had severe audio and video difficulties that threatened our ability to release these episodes. But the content was too good, so Bill invested Herculean efforts in repairing them. Still, you might notice some anomalies.

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