Did the pro-life movement overplay its hand?

The Kate Cox in Texas story gives us cause to revisit the Dobbs abortion decision. 

If you listen to Gracearchy with Jim Babka, you know things before most other people do.

We recorded episode #4 “Abortion Rights” in late June 2022 (now added to the ZAP network). The Dobbs decision had just been announced. Now, we return about 19 months later not only to review the Kate Cox case in Texas, but also to demonstrate that listeners to Gracearchy get the best analysis, first.

Specifically, we made two predictions, plus we offered a prescription that I also predicted would not happen right away. And…

We were correct all three times!

These insights are still valid.

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Our listeners get to peer into the future. But they get something more…

We consistently apply voluntaryist Mental Levers (like those found at the Zero Aggression Project) and grace-based heuristics. With these tools, we present a world of increased harmony.

Even more amazingly, we do NOT achieve this at the expense of one side or the other, rather we actually increase the overall happiness, for people of goodwill, whose values fall on opposing sides of the line.

Divisive partisans cannot compete with this approach. In their conflict machine, someone must lose.

Right now, there is a conflict machine loser. I explain why, especially in the Kate Cox story, the Republicans are losing.

To turn this divisive debate into a real, respectful discussion, I reiterate the same two gracious lines of dialogue I provided in Episode 4.

But the episode takes a dramatic turn during its final third. While pointing out some anti-scientific statements by the pro-choice side, I share two personal stories one of them very, very personal.

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Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
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Gracearchy is hosted by Zero Aggression Project’s co-founder, Jim Babka, but the views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).

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  1. This continues to confirm why I love ZAP, and why you all will have my support for as long as I’m here. (And hopefully, my children will follow through!) The law in and of itself may be good, but it does have a tendency to incite rebellion (Even God’s law! Romans 7: 8 – 13). In the case of man’s law, we are finite, and do not see all the ramifications of even what we think will be good. (and yes, pro-lifers in states did overplay their hand, largely due to ignoring the complexity of the issue). The pro-choice crowd is already (at least the executive branch of the US Government) overplaying it’s hand, in going after Crisis Pregnancy centers, and this will not bode well for Biden’s re-election. I’m glad you gave a shout out to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, many take a grace – based approach, (in particular First Care, which we have donated to,

    1. Of Course, there’s more, including lawfare – giving minimal sentences to abortion activists who threatened violence against crisis pregnancy centers: (Shortly After Dobbs v. Jackson ) https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jun/11/pro-choice-militants-pregnancy-crisis-centers-attacks-us

      even the FBI admits the imbalance here:

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