Will Javier Milei Be A Libertarian?

Will Javier Milei actually follow through and be a libertarian?

The news has shocked the regime. We’ve been treated to nonsensical headlines like “Argentina Elects Extreme Right Wing Libertarian” or the breathless conspiracy theory that Javier Milei is the product of a network of libertarian billionaires…

Perhaps a person who has worked as a professional libertarian for a quarter-century can provide accurate insight.

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This is a big deal — a libertarian elected president in a major country!

Javier Milei has quoted Hayek and Rothbard. He’s labeled himself an anarcho-capitalist.

But when it comes time to govern, will Javier Milei actually be a libertarian?

You’ll learn important things about the task ahead of President Milei in this episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka because we cover…

  • What is a libertarian? The media doesn’t know. We explain.
  • What is life like when there was 5% poverty a decade ago, but now it’s 40%, AND…
  • What is life like with triple-digit inflation and state price controls?
  • What is Peronism and what is a Justicialist?

We also reveal the surprising American politician who is most Peronist. And we dig into the things that concern us as outside libertarians looking in, such as…

  • How is fixing the economy similar to addiction recovery? Hint: Action must be quick and thorough.
  • How will he overcome all the different forces that are stacked against his success?

And we conclude with a surprising and personal “gracepoint.”

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Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

Gracearchy is hosted by Zero Aggression Project’s co-founder, Jim Babka, but the views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).

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  1. I found the description of extreme right-wing libertarian rather humorous, since the Libertarian party in America tended to be rather left-leaning. It seems that Javier Milei will not be what we would hope for as libertarians, but I hope for better. The outsider and the end of the central banks is brilliant policy, and I wish we could have a solid candidate that would actually would downsize DC the way Milei promised. Tying the currency to the Fed sounds bad, but it does seem to be an improvement on the current situation for the people in his country. Why do all the politicians back down on their promises? There are too many consequences for doing what is right- and your point about substance abuse was spot on- cold turkey would be the best route. Statists and Deep-staters are likely to fight him all the way, as you presented, and Libertarian policies will be blamed. Selling the Libertarian view is a hard, and seeing what Javier Milei will do takes patience and grace, As one of my favorite bands (Christian) sang in relation to the Christian life, “Takin’ The Easy Way Isn’t An Easy Way” mostly because we don’t like cold turkey from our mistakes.

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