What brought down Harvard’s Claudine Gay?

January 15, 2024
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Also, Republicans suddenly love cancel culture. 

On Gracearchy with Jim Babka, there’s a constant challenge to find fresh and unique things to say about items in the news. The objective is never to ride the partisan tide, rather it is to swim upstream to the “gracepoint.”

The demotion of Harvard’s president, Claudine Gay, opens up the chance to probe the philosophy of Intersectionality underlying DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). And…

Harvard donor starts a war and is surprised when it comes to his house

The way this drama is playing out, we also get to explore the motives of billionaire donor and Harvard alum, Bill Ackman, and his sudden interest in plagiarism by academics.

From this episode, you will get distinct, insightful, and virtuous things to say whenever the conversations you’re in move to Harvard, Claudine Gay, Bill Ackman, intersectionality, and plagiarism. The people in earshot will be amazed by your wisdom.

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Must you pick a side in fights like this?

As you’ll learn during this episode, there’s an “assumption that if the bad guys stopped being bad, then everything would be good.”

That view is normal yet naive. It leads to judgmentalism, blame, and even scapegoating.

Worse, the incentives of the Conflict Machine (politics) and culture war run in an ugly, escalating direction. They induce fear. And…

You’ll also discover, in this program, that once people start acting inside the Conflict Machine, they tend to shed their principles and, instead, start focusing on the destruction of other persons.

The “side” you should pick is the path to harmony, and the path itself is grace.

So perhaps very little of what I have to say about Claudine Gay or Bill Ackman will make either partisan side happy. Come see why.

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