5 Reasons Conspiracy Theorists Earn a Bad Reputation

Do you know why conspiracy theorists have a bad reputation? 

Don’t be too quick to answer. Conspiracies constantly occur.

This episode starts off with a heuristic about conspiracy theories derived from Public Choice Economics. It’s called Bootleggers and Baptists, and it’s so vital to understanding how everyday lobbying conspiracies work, that I did an entire episode on it. However, this insight can be used as a heuristic to analyze emerging conspiracy theories, as well.

The rest of this episode is about myths, mostly those that are pro-conspiracy theory. In fact, we cover…

The five myths that give conspiracy theorists a bad reputation.

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We also got into the first and the worst of the anti-conspiracy theory myths before we wrapped up this installment of Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

There’s more than one anti-conspiracy theory myth to cover, but we ran out of time. We’ll cover those myths in an upcoming episode!

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P.S. Two prerequisite episodes are Ep70 Bootleggers & Baptists and Ep 74 How to Handle Conspiracy Theories. We encourage you to check them out.

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