Is the Media Controlling Your Conversation?

May 16, 2023
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CNN features Trump. Fox fires Tucker. Are these things essential or distractions? 

If you consume media, even alternative media, we guarantee most of what you’ve heard has been ephemeral and fleeting. The partisan commentators say the same things over and over. But is something deeper happening in these stories?

Yes, because…

There’s a reason CNN featured Trump in his own town hall, despite the fact that the network has been so opposed to Trump. On top of that, there’s an interesting history of how he became president, and it helps explain why he’s both so loved and so loathed.

Also, Tucker Carlson’s firing is a signal – a harbinger of likely events to come in in the second half of this decade. If you think the censorship and disinformation war was ugly, you’ve not seen anything yet.

We explain the deeper meanings of these two events in the newest episode of Gracearchy.

Is the regime media controlling what you think about and what you discuss with friends?

95% of the time, the answer is yes. We’d like to think that the type of people who’d be reading this, who’d tune into the show, are made of different, better stuff… That they’re part of the 5% above it all. But we also see the open rates when we fail to play…

The Agenda Setters Game

Agenda Setting Theory is a well-worn, time-tested fact. Most people talking about politics, war, and policy are talking about what the national media is currently featuring, what’s on the front page of the newspaper, and what’s being debated on your local talk radio show.

But there is a way to rise above it. And not only that. There’s also a way to…

Beat the regime media at their game. And you’ll want to discover that in this latest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka. Otherwise, you could be distracted right into dictatorship!

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Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

P.S. In case you missed it, the previous episode was titled The Gish Gallop to Gomorrah – Ep 45. In that episode, we analyzed a certain form of argumentation by traditionalist conservatives that starts in the Garden of Eden, aka, 1950s, then weaves its way to today’s hot-button social issues, aka, Gomorrah.

Gracearchy with Jim Babka is hosted by Zero Aggression Project co-founder and moderated by Bill Protzmann. The views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).


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