Does Jim Babka love cancel culture?

According to Wikipedia, Kiwi Farms is a web forum that…

“…hosts threads targeting many individuals, including minorities, women, LGBT people, neurodivergent people, people considered by Kiwi Farms users to be mentally ill or sexually deviant, feminists, journalists, Internet celebrities, video game or comics hobbyists, and far-right personalities.”

Wait, what? Haven’t we been told that all that bigoted stuff is what far-right personalities do? So why is this seemingly far-right group attacking far-right personalities? But my confusion doesn’t end there…

I thought only “woke” people on the Left did cancel-culture activities like those described in the Wikipedia entry. Remember, cancel-culture is the effort to remove politically incorrect people from public life – to embarrass or hound them into silence and perhaps unemployment. “Woke” people on the Left have been doing this for some time. Are people on the Right doing it now too?

Have we entered a new era of Big MAC – Mutually Assured Cancellation? Will everyone be canceled? But there’s still more to my befuddlement…

Can efforts to cancel someone ever be considered defensive in nature? Do we have a free speech right, protected by the First Amendment, to advocate that someone be canceled? At what point do cancellation attacks cross over from being simply annoying to legally actionable acts of aggression that violate the Zero Aggression Principle?

Jim Babka thinks he knows the answers to some of these questions. But does he really? Bill Protzmann attempts to pry it out of him in the latest episode of Gracearchy. Give it a listen, and decide if you want to cancel Jim, or apply his philosophy to these matters.

The Kiwi Farms Case,

Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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