What no one told you about the Brittney Griner case

Were you unwittingly dragged into a conflict by people with agendas?

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Brittney Griner was released from a Russian prison. Meanwhile, Paul Whelan was overlooked.

This story has nearly faded from the headlines and the passion has dissipated – the way stories like this always do.

But we calculate that 83% of things Bill and I have to say about Brittney Griner’s release are new – unsaid elsewhere. In other words, you’ll get something fresh from this episode.

Even if this story is no longer “in the headlines”…

We have six lessons that contain timeless utility if you possess them.

In fact, you’ll learn things in this episode of Graceachy that you’ll be able to repeatedly apply in the future.

One of the insights compares President Biden to comedian Steve Martin at a carnival.

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