Unveiling a Plagiarism Epidemic Amongst the Expert Class?

Will Bill Ackman use AI to scorch the Ivy League? And will that be a good thing?

Trust in authorities and institutions of expertise is crumbling. The latest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka discusses a looming crisis within the expert class.

Bill Ackman is a billionaire Harvard-alum and donor. He’s also a former Michael Bloomberg campaign donor. Now, some are saying he’s been “red-pilled” — suddenly aware of how bad the left-wing leaders at Harvard are. Maybe he’s even nailed a thesis for reform to the university door?

Is any of that accurate? Well…

Ackman wrote an epic Tweet about academic plagiarism — printed out, it’s 12 pages long! In that Tweet, he advocates for using AI to detect plagiarism in professor’s papers. And, he thoroughly and masterfully weaves through the complex questions that are likely to arise.

We sat down to talk about Bill Ackman’s plagiarism proposal.

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In this episode, you’ll discover how Bill Ackman’s Plagiarism proposal could disrupt the Ivy League and even change societal rules for YOU.

Also, you’ll learn…

  • About the time I was plagiarized, and how I learned to believe it’s the key to success in my personal mission.
  • How to be sensible on what is and what is not plagiarism.
  • Whether Bill Ackman actually said HE was going to do this work?
  • How this topic extends beyond academia and into larger discussions about trust and authority figures.

Of course, since this is about building a Gracearchy, we cover…

  • Why it’s NOT terrible if the Ivy League falls.
  • The weaponization of truth, and what Grace cheers for.
  • An inherent bias in Artificial Intelligence.

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