Abortion Ruling & LIVE Response

We recently shared with you a brand new podcast featuring Zero Aggression Project co-founder, Jim Babka.

It’s called “Gracearchy with Jim Babka.”

Obviously, today’s big news is the abortion ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. It’s so big that…

Jim, and his host, Bill Protzmann, will sit down to discuss the decision in a LIVE YouTube broadcast today (Friday) at 1 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific).

You’ll find the show on the AHO Radio Network…

Watch or Listen

If you cannot catch this episode live, the show will be there to watch or listen to later. You’ll find previous episodes there, as well.

ZAP the State and have a nice day,

Perry Willis
Zero Aggression Project

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  1. The crisis pregnancy centers are really doing a service to all women, however, centers are currently being verbally attacked deceitfully by a sitting Senator! I actually agreed with Bill Clinton’s Safe, Legal and Rare, but I cannot agree with the approach that this Senator is taking (though I can understand her position, since I have my own stubborn streak). I agree with you on the state’s rights issue, and agree that the pro-life supporters need to take a grace based approach to those who disagree. Honestly, the best approach I’ve seen has been the gracious actions of faith-based crisis pregnancy centers in reaching out to abortion minded persons. So far what I have seen from the Republicans is the preference to focus on the economy, rather than the life issue, and that may well be a good thing.

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