4 questions every American should ask about every war

November 9, 2023
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Did Perry Willis persuade a large radio audience to favor a non-interventionist foreign policy?

Imagine YOU are a top-ranked radio talk show host. Much of your listening audience is gung-ho about getting the U.S. involved in yet another war (Ukraine).

What would you do?

How might you best show them the error of their ways?

How might you make them fear the dangers of such a war? Well…

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Gary Nolan knew from experience that he could turn to the Zero Aggression Project for help. Specifically…

He knew that he could bring Perry Willis on the air to talk about the history of U.S. wars, their causes, their costs, and their consequences.

Long-time followers of the Zero Aggression Project know that Perry has written several stunning articles reviewing the history and outcomes of U.S. wars. These articles are among the most popular things we’ve ever published, and we’ve collected all of them at a special website called WarTruth.org. But…

Gary Nolan doesn’t run a website referral service. What he needed was a guest. So he invited Perry to come on for a full hour. This is something he rarely does because he knew Perry could hold his audience’s attention for that long. And he did!

In the space of that one hour Perry covered nearly every major U.S. foreign war from 1812 right up to our current meddling in Ukraine. He asked and answered four questions about each war…

  1. Did it defend freedom?
  2. Did it defend America?
  3. Did it make the world a better place?
  4. Was the war launched under honest or false pretenses?

The latest installment of Gracearchy with Jim Babka is your chance to hear this interview. It received tremendous feedback when it was broadcast live in August. You’ll want to hear it too.

This episode is especially timely as we approach Veteran’s Day, which was once called Armistice Day.

Politicians too often use Veteran’s Day to glorify war, whereas Armistice Day sought to remind people of the worst and most pointless war politicians ever caused.

Listen to this episode titled, “Four Questions You Should Ask About Military Interventions” (Episode 72). Use the time stamps to refer back, if not share them with others.

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P.S. Did you miss it? One writer shared our previous episode with his social media followers, declaring “This is a good civics lesson.” He was talking about “You Can Shout Fire In A Theater” [YouTube * Rumble] He was probably saying that because we broke down the distasteful history of the phrase, the logical errors behind this canard, and its complete irrelevance to any aspect of the First Amendment. This is one of those ideas uttered by people trying too hard to sound smart.


Gracearchy is hosted by Zero Aggression Project’s co-founder, Jim Babka, but the views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).


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