Zero Aggression Principle

Introducing, another powerful NEW tool you can use!

In this issue…

  • Test drive our new sharing tool
  • See the RESULTS of your efforts

But first, a bit of strategy…
We all have a natural desire to persuade people. But what if we let that go? What if…
…Your main goal was to let people know just what you believe, without any expectation that they would agree? In fact…
What if you made it clear that it was not only okay to disagree with you, but that they were actually encouraged to do so?
No arguments. No ego contests. Just sharing.

  • Would that make it easier to share ideas?
  • Might people be more open to hearing your thoughts?

Think long term. What might the impact be, if people had in their minds what you have in yours?
What if you could do a Vulcan Mind Meld with the American people?  
Think about every libertarian idea, fact, or example you have stored in your mind. Now imagine those things being effortlessly transferred to other minds. Could it be that…
All that information would have more influence as time passes. Might it become more potent than at the precise moment you first shared it? In other words…

  • Doesn’t the sharing really come first?
  • And doesn’t any change that may happen come later, perhaps much later?

Our new sharing tool is designed with these ideas in mind…

  • You can share your beliefs with no worry about starting an argument
  • You can invite and even encourage disagreement — our polling tool and petitions work that way!
  • You can see how people respond to your ideas, without starting an ego contest

Remember our overall objectives…

  • The main purpose is simply to put your ideas in other minds — like a mind meld!
  • The secondary purpose is to locate and activate people who already agree with you
  • The third purpose is to measurably move people in your direction (if possible)

Do those benefits intrigue you? Would you find it much easier to share than to argue or debate?
Then please give our new sharing tool a test drive!
It’s easy. If you’ve already answered our poll question about mandatory Social Security then go back to that page ( and click on the link at the bottom that says “Share these poll questions and petitions with your friends.” Doing that will take you to the sharing tool.
If you have NOT answered our Social Security poll yet, then please do that here. ( Next, look for the link at the bottom that says “Share these poll questions and petitions with your friends.”
You can also use the sharing tool with our drug prohibition campaign (, if you prefer.
The sharing tool has four features…

1. A place where you can add email addresses. This contact list is just like your own email contact list in Gmail, Outlook, or whatever email software you use. Only YOU will have access to your contact list. WE WILL NOT SPAM THESE PEOPLE. This information belongs to YOU, solely for your use.

2. A hardwired message you can use to share the Social Security poll question with your friends.

3. A place where you can write your own sharing message. You might want to say something different or more than what our letter says.

4. A tab where you can see how people responded to what you shared. Think about it. How many times have you shared something with a friend,and wanted to know if they interacted with it? This tool gives you that power! 

We hope you LOVE this tool. We hope you use it OFTEN. We look forward to hearing how it’s working for you.
Go here to use the sharing tool for the Social Security campaign.
Or here to use the sharing tool for the Drug Prohibition campaign
You can give us feedback at this address: Feedback at ZeroAggressionProject dot org.
With best wishes for successful sharing,
Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-creators, Zero Aggression Project

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