PRESS RELEASE: A new libertarian organization launches today — the Zero Aggression Project


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A new libertarian organization launches today — the Zero Aggression Project
AKRON, OH – The Zero Aggression Project aims to bring knowledge of the Zero Aggression Principle (the Principle) to all 300 million Americans. The Principle…

Don’t threaten or initiate force, or ask politicians to do it for you.

This idea has long been the moral foundation of the libertarian philosophy, but no libertarian organization has ever focused on the principle as its main argument. The Zero Aggression PROJECT will be that organization.
The Zero Aggression Project was created by Jim Babka and Perry Willis. They are past associates of the late great Harry Browne, and co-founders of Downsize DC, where they created the Read the Bills Act, the One Subject at a Time Act, and the Write the Laws Act — all of which have been introduced in Congress.

Jim Babka-stone1

Jim Babka

“Downsize DC was designed to deal with practical policy debates,” said Babka. “Most libertarian organizations do that. We felt more effort was needed on the moral argument.”
“The ZAP is the one libertarian argument that applies to all issues,” observed Willis. “Even better, nearly everyone lives their life by it. They just makes exceptions when it comes to politics and government. We think ground can be gained by pointing this out.”
The ZAP website will be loaded with content and software, starting with…
Polling software to measure how people react to various arguments about issues. First, moral questions are covered, as they relate to the Zero Aggression Principle. With that foundation, the process moves on to various “practical” arguments. “It’s never before been possible for libertarians to measure the impact of their educational efforts,” said Babka. “Our website will change that.”

Perry Willis

“It’s easy to get involved,” said Willis. “Just go to and subscribe to our free email newsletter. You can also follow us on Facebook. Click Like and get notifications to participate.”

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